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Episode 5
Drawing in education
Eileen Adams

In this episode, Eileen Adams talks about her long

experience in drawing education in the UK and of her participation in The Campaign for Drawing since it started. She also presents some of her publications concerning multidisciplinary experiences in teaching drawing at schools.

Eileen Adams is an educational consultant with extensive experience as a teacher, educator, researcher and writer in drawing and visual education. Her most recent work on the The Campaign for Drawing in the UK focused on the subject of drawing as a means of learning. Eileen has shared her work through a series of publications, conferences, and courses, both in the UK and internationally, in countries such as Australia, Austria, Brazil, Japan, Sweden and the United States. Her publications include the Power Drawing Series, part of the Campaign for Drawing, and the book Eileen Adams: Agent of Change in Art, Design and Environmental Education.

ISBN 978-85-8302-130-8

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