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Episode 3
Drawing in education and research
Simon Betts

In this episode, Simon Betts talks about the experience

of developing the Drawing Qualification curriculum with

a team of researchers and educators. This curriculum had

the aim of stimulating the practices of drawing and new pedagogies in schools in the UK, based on a cross-disciplinary understanding of drawing and as being an important instrument of the creative process. Betts also talks about the experience of structuring the Centre for Drawing at Wimbledon College of Arts. The centre was developed as a network for the study, practice and research into drawing, discussing new perspectives in the field.

Simon Betts is currently Dean of College, Wimbledon College of Arts, UAL and a researcher focused on drawing practices. He co-authored, with Kelly Chorpening and Prof Stephen Farthing in designing and writing the Drawing Qualification curriculum. The curriculum was implemented in several schools in the UK. He also took part in the development of the Centre for Drawing at Wimblendon College of Arts.

ISBN 978-85-8302-128-5

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